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Research Project

Our Research Project

Over the last 40 years, sexual violence research has consistently shown that inpatient mental health services can be harmful, distressing, and traumatic for service users. Most of the existing research has positioned victim-survivors as respondents rather than valued contributors with unique expertise, perspectives and interests.  This research project seeks to address this gap and has been designed in consultation with people with lived experience, reflecting community interests, perspectives and expertise.  

This survey seeks to promote victim-survivor perspectives to inform inpatient mental health services on institutional practices to prevent, minimise and respond to re-traumatisation. 
This research aims to:  

  • To position victim-survivors as experts by experience and places them at the heart of the project.  
  • Elevate victim-survivor experiences, knowledge, and expertise. 
  • Contribute to and encourage the development of survivor-led research. 
  • Inform good practice and create better outcomes for victim-survivors of sexual violence accessing mental health inpatient services. 
  • Produce practical strategies and recommendations for mental health inpatient service for victim-survivors.  


As the lead researcher, I hope participating in this research project is a positive, reaffirming, and empowering experience.

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